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Duluth Fine Wine & Spirit Super Store is situated on Peachtree Industrial Blvd, 1/2 mile north of Hwy 120, across the road from the public golf courses. Duluth Fine Wine & Spirits Store offers educational wine tasting (and on occasion, beer tasting) on a regular basis. This was the first such wine tasting facility in Duluth to offer such wine tasting courses held in The Crush Tasting Room which is situated at the rear of the same building as Duluth Fine Wine & Spirit Super Store. If anyone is intersted in learning more about wine and not sure where to start, this is the place to be, interested persons can contact us to bed placed on the email list by contacting Sharon.

For those that already have a knowledge of wine and want to sample the newest vintage's, wine tasting will be held from time to time in this beautiful setting, so sign up with your email address and we will keep our customers informed via email of upcoming events.

Last year, Duluth Fine Wine & Spirit Super Store expanded the store by an extra 2,500 square feet, making it the largest store of its kind in the area. The extra space has allowed us to offer more products at competitive prices. Please come in and browse around.

Duluth Fine Wine & Spirit Super Store features a vast selection of domestic and international wines, liquor, cognacs, pre mixed cocktails and liqueurs, and the wides selection of whisky, tequila and vodka available in the area. We also stock a large variety of domestic and international beers.

Duluth Fine Wine & Spirit Super Store has a accessory/gift and cigar section, please come in and browse through the store.

Duluth Fine Wine & Spirit Super Store will do special orders for parties and also offer kegs for that fun get together. Discount on cases of wine is 10% and cases of liquor is 5%.

The owners, Bernard, Sharon and Gareth Robertson, have been active in the Duluth Business Community for the past 13 years and active DMA members for the past 9 years and are also enthusiastic participants in the annual DMA 5km runs as well as other road races, including Peachtree and the Atlanta Half Marathon.

Gareth is the General Manager and is assisted by Paul Bradbury and Todd Seckler. They form a powerful team and have set goals to provide the best selection in the area, great on-going customer service and to be the best and friendliest in the business.

Our wine connoisseur, Paul Bradbury, has extensive knowledge of wine. Paul can recommend anything from the everyday to the eclectic and also to the most discerning of palates. Paul trained at the Culinary Institute of America, situated in New York and is always willing to suggest a good bottle of wine to go with the fish or the steak or perhaps the lamb for that special occasion. Which wine to serve to enhance dessert? Ask Paul.

























Champagne and Ports

Ace of Spades
Dom Perignon
GH Mumm
Louis Roerderer Cristal
Moet & Chandon
Piper Heidsieck
Vueve Clicquot

Featured Items
Wine Caddys

Our wine caddys are welded from recycled steel and copper. Our sports, profession, lifestyles and other renderings will be prominently displayed by the select few who receive them. Our collections are designed by American artists in collaboration with European artisans which result in a truly unique piece of art.
New Arrival
Wine needs to breathe...
Wine which has been allowed to breathe tastes better. As wine breathes, it opens up, and releases its intended aromas and flavors. Traditionally, decanters were used to aerate wine. However, decanting is time consuming, cumbersome, and inconvenient.

Vinturi's patent pending design speeds up this process with east and convenience. Perfect aeration in the time it takes to pour a glass.

All the taste with none of the wait...
Simply hold vinturi over a glass and pour wine through. Vinturi draws in and mixes the proper amount of air for the right amount of time, allowing your wine to breath instantly. You'll notice a better bouquet, enhanced flavors and smoother finish. It's that fast. It's that easy.

How does the wine aerator work
When wine is poured in the vinturi, its design creates an increase in the wine's velocity and a decrease in its pressure. This pressure difference draws in air, which is mixed with wine for perfection aeration. But what really matters is vinturi's affect on wine.

Better bouquet
Sample the nose. You'll appreciate the subtle aeromatic differences and the full aroma of the wine. Vinturi allows wine to display its intended aromas.

Enhanced flavors
Go ahead, take a sip. Vinturi's wine tastes better. I is more flavorful and has better mouthfeel. It tastes like a richer, more expensive wine. It tastes like it was intended to and is more enjoyable.

Smoother finish
Ahh...Vinturi's aeration is very effective at softening tannins which results in a much more pleasant finish. Any bitterness or bad aftertaste is reduced or eliminated.
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